Sunrise at Bodega Bay.

In the News: Catch of the Day

Excerpted from Catch of the Day: Five Restaurants where fishermen sell their bounty directly to diners
October 24, 2004, by Olivia Wu

Annabelle at Dawn copyright 2007.. . . When I heard about a fisherman on the Central Coast who had opened his own restaurant, I was intrigued. Was an old tradition rising from the ashes? Was the fish truly fresh and well prepared? Were people flocking to the restaurant? . . .

The idea of seafood jumping out of the fisherman's hand and onto our plates had become just that: an idea. Appetites on all sides of the American dinner plate—from fishermen to restaurateurs to diners—have exploded far beyond any quaint notions . . . however . . .

Bodega Bay's Spud Point Marina has the real thing: A tiny crab and salmon retail shop whose fish is caught by the pop, Tony Anello, and whose menu is made by the mom, Carol Anello. Both, says Carol, are "hard-headed Italians."

Nets copyright 2006.They grew up in Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Tony Anello learned to fish alongside his grandfather and father-in-law. He fished even as he supported his family as a fireman. His grandfather was a Sicilian fisherman and famed net maker who was brought in during the heyday of commercial fishing in Monterey Bay. Now the Anellos are living a 30-year-old dream of serving the catch from his boat. He also is well supplied in salmon and crab by the catch of his son's and brother's boats.

. . . Locals, especially fishers, gather for coffee throughout the day. A terrific, filler-free, clam-studded chowder is Carol Anello's specialty. Tony cooks the crab out in the open by the tables. They also sell smoked salmon and a few sandwiches. The crab sandwich is sweet with meat that is hand- picked by Tony and Carol. Anello estimates 80 percent of the food is self-caught or family-caught. Click to read the full article.